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Pumping & Agricultural

United Flexible are a trusted supplier of hose and fittings to pumping companies and agribusiness service providers throughout New Zealand.

Discover why many pumping, irrigation, & farm services providers have made United Flexible their hose & fittings supplier of choice.

Products for a green & flourishing New Zealand

For many years United Flexible has been working with pumping, irrigation, and farm service companies throughout New Zealand to not only provide products but also to offer specialist advice on which products are best suited for specific tasks.

We know our products and with hose stock volumes catering to this sector in excess of 150,000m and more than 50,000 couplings there are a few options to choose from, so we regard it to be our role to help our customers get the right product for the job.

Get in touch with our team for specialist advice - our job is to help you.

Pumping & Agricultural products

Rubber Hose

United Flexible stocks a diverse range of Rubber Hoses suited for general pumping & agricultural use.

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Thermoplastic Hose

Our range of thermoplastic hoses consists of products which are predominantly made of various formulations of PVC, but also includes a number of products made from polymers also containing materials such as polyurethane and various types of rubber.

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Layflat Hose

Quality Layflat Hose for NZ industries such as emergency services, construction, mining, agriculture, and pump hire providers.

Broad range of sizes in stock for each type of lay flat hose - click the products to view sizes available.

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Spray Hose

Check out our range of quality hoses suited for spraying applications here.

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Washdown Products

Washdown hoses & nozzles suited for farming, machinery, and factory cleaning.

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Camlock Couplings

Discover our extensive collection of Camlock couplings which are available in Aluminium, Polypropylene, and 316 Stainless Steel.

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Bauer Couplings

The highly versatile Bauer style coupling is extensively used throughout industry in NZ, and is the most common coupling used on large suction and layflat hose assemblies.

United Flexible stocks Bauer hose tail fittings from 3'' to 8'' and the Male BSP threaded couplers also from 3'' to 8''.

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Valves, Nozzles, & Strainers

Check out our range of valves, nozzles and strainers.

Currently stocking several different  types of nozzles, steel suction strainers, and nickel plated brass ball valves. More products are being added in this space soon.

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Hose Clips and Hose Clamps

United Flexible stocks a range of different types of hose clips and hose clamps to suit different types of hoses, applications - and the preferences of our customers.

Browse our range which includes Oetiker clips, worm drive hose clips, T-Bolt hose clamps (3 different ranges) spiral wire hose clamps, and preformed clamps.

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NZ's growers and farmers utilise various methods and systems to irrigate pasture and crops, with varying requirements for flexible hose and fittings. While we do not offer the semi-rigid alkathene pipe which some systems use, United Flexible do have a broad range of flexible hose products which are used as components in most types of irrigation system.

Some examples include suction hoses to pump inlets (both PVC and Rubber types), PVC layflat hoses for high volume water transfer, connection hoses between components in the irrigation system (such as from hydrant to irrigator as in the adjacent photo), and rubber layflat drag hoses for wire winch operated travelling irrigators. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, and our team will ensure you get the right type of hose for the job.

A layflat hose stretched out and attached to a tractor a grassy green field.

Dairy Effluent

Umbilical dairy effluent systems are an efficient way of using dairy effluent to return the nutrients to the soil, and are a popular method used in most regions across NZ.

While there are various application methods employed at the business end of these umbilical systems, they all rely on a key component to connect the system together - an ultra heavy duty drag rated layflat hose.

There are two types of hose used for this - rubber drag hose, and polyurethane (PU) drag hose. Both types have differing characteristics, and we are more than happy to discuss these to ensure our customers get the best hose to suit their setup.

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Spraying is an important aspect of farming the land, for conventional and organic producers alike. Whether herbicides, pesticides, or eco-friendly alternative solutions are being sprayed, they will be transported through flexible hose at some part in the process.

United Flexible has a number of different options for spray hoses to suit different spraying pressures and flow capacities. Browse our range of spray hoses or let us know if you are unsure which is the most suitable hose for your spraying system.