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United Flexible supply lay-flat hoses for commercial applications across the country. Our client's businesses include emergency services, construction, agriculture, equipment and irrigation. Below you can explore our range of high quality layflats.

Water Transfer

Large scale commercial operations that rely upon water for maintenance, cleaning, crops, livestock, wash downs or any other task at scale may need to incorporate a layflat hose system. The design of the layflat is done this way to be malleable to all types of installation, positioning and typical obstacles.

Despite its bendable construction, the materials that go into manufacturing our commercial grade layflats are perfect in tough environments. Water transfer is reliable and the hose is unlikely to split, fray or puncture under normal use.


Removing water, effluent material or other fluids at scale can put significant loads on equipment and hoses. It's important that drainage solutions meet a number of criteria, including the ability to sustain long periods of operation, and be able to withstand regular dragging and movement in hazardous areas.

Our layflat hoses help operations with drainage as we can accommodate all lengths, widths and fitting types our customers may need.


Construction sites require layflats for a number of jobs such as supplying water to hard to reach parts of the worksite, deploying filling like cement or providing temporary sewerage tasks.

The layflat hoses used in construction obviously need to be strong and resilient to a hazardous environment. But what makes layflats so effective on the construction site is their ability to shape with the terrain and obstacles. This enables easier operation for the team and less chance of flow obstruction.

Why choose United Flexible for layflat hoses?

There's many reasons why thousands of Kiwi businesses choose us to supply their industrial hoses and fittings. Here's just a few:


We source and assemble hose products that last the rigours of heavy industrial application.

How we prepare and package your layflat

When you order your layflat hose from United Flexible, it's not just a part that we send; our team cuts your hose to the exact size your require, and prepares it with high grade fittings, ready for quick installation upon receipt.

Once the hose is prepared, our team safely coil and pack your hose using high quality packaging materials.

We'll then get the part shipped out to you, using our express shipping partner. You should have your hose overnight in most cases, if not within 48 hours. Our team will keep communication up with you as to the progress of your order.

What to consider when purchasing a layflat

If you're looking for a layflat hose for your commercial application, there's a few things to consider:

1) What is the material you are looking to transfer with your hose?

2) What volume do you need to transfer in a given period?

3) What is the width of the adjoining fitting or equipment you need to connect the hose to?

4) Will the hose need to be detached and reattached frequently?

5) What environment will the layflat hose be used in regularly?

Our team help you answer these questions and more, ensuring you order the best possible layflat solution each time.

Layflat installation support

While hoses are second nature to us, we understand that for many clients, it's not every day they're attaching replacement hoses. Part of what we offer is guidance via phone, email or video call to help you ensure you have installation questions answered. Our hoses are shipped prepared with high quality fittings which are designed to make the installation quick and as easy as possible.

It helps to have a hose partner that's always there when you need some tips!