Construction site with workers installing underground utilities near an excavator and a large concrete vault. Features include heavy machinery, large hoses, and rocky terrain, reflecting an active excavation and installation scene.

Civil & Mining Products

United Flexible has gained a reputation in the Civil Works and Mining industries for supplying high quality, fit for purpose, and hard wearing hose products.

Below are some of the products & solutions we offer to support these industries in New Zealand.

Partnering with NZ’s Civil Contractors & Mining companies

United Flexible supports NZ's mining and civil construction industries by supplying tough, fit-for-purpose water transfer hose products, and also similarly supporting the numerous associated trades who provide the industry with supporting services of their own.

Hose, couplings and pre-made assemblies for site dewatering operations represent one of the areas where our dedication to product quality and having multiple product offerings to suit different site requirements has paid dividends for our customers. Other applications include hoses for suction dredging, mining slurry, high pressure pneumatic equipment, and rock drilling rig dust extraction.

We are a NZ owned & operated company who is committed to supporting the industries involved in building our country’s infrastructure, and to this end we are always building and developing our product range accordingly. Get in touch with us if you cannot find the hose or fitting you need – we will be glad to assist. 

Civil & Mining Products

Rubber Hose

With a range of rubber hoses suited for hydro-excavation, wastewater and general dewatering applications, United Flexible has rubber hose products to cater for the many needs in NZ's civil & mining industry.

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Thermoplastic Suction Hoses

Looking for a comprehensive range of plastic suction hoses?

Our thermoplastic hoses are made from a variety of plastic and PVC/Rubber formulations to give that edge in durability & performance.

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Layflat Hose

Quality Layflat Hose for NZ industries such as emergency services, construction, mining, agriculture, and pump hire providers.

Broad range of sizes in stock for each type of lay flat hose - click the products to view sizes available.

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Washdown Products

Washdown hoses and nozzles suited for high volume water cleaning of machinery.

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Bauer Couplings

The highly popular and robust Bauer coupling is used extensively for connections to high volume pumps for dewatering on civil construction projects.

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Camlock Couplings

Discover our extensive collection of Camlock couplings which are available in Aluminium, Polypropylene, and 316 Stainless Steel.

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Valves, Nozzles, & Strainers

Check out our range of valves, nozzles and strainers.

Currently stocking several different  types of nozzles, steel suction strainers, and nickel plated brass ball valves. More products are being added in this space soon.

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Hose Tails and Hose Joiners

Our range of steel hose tails & hose joiners are galvanised or zinc plated steel, offering an economical and effective solution while also having protection against the environment they are installed in.

United Flexible stocks both steel hose tails and steel hose joiners from 1/2'' up to 8'' sizes.

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Hose Clips and Hose Clamps

United Flexible stocks a range of different types of hose clips and hose clamps to suit different types of hoses, applications - and the preferences of our customers.

Browse our range which includes Oetiker clips, worm drive hose clips, T-Bolt hose clamps (3 different ranges) spiral wire hose clamps, and preformed clamps.

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Mining and construction in a large excavation with heavy machinery and construction equipment.


When carrying out excavations, ground and surface water frequently needs to be managed, whether it is pumped to a holding facility, silt collection system, or from an intermediate point on to the discharge area. Either way, the hoses transferring the water to the connecting the pieces of plant need to be tough enough to handle rough and sharp ground surfaces on the outside, high velocity water containing small abrasive particles on the inside, as well as other factors such as high and fluctuating operating pressures, and ‘industrial grade treatment’ when being moved around.

We tailor the products we offer based on the environment and application, and we also provide advice on the pro’s & con’s of each option so our customers are in a position to make an informed decision which option is best for them.

Large red drilling rig on a construction site with clear blue skies, operating on rocky terrain in a mountainous area, emphasizing heavy machinery in industrial and geological work settings.

Rock Drilling

Rock drilling rigs are utilised for many applications – pretty much wherever numerous or large diameter holes are required in rock bearing ground such as support piles for buildings & structures, Geotech investigation, blasting holes in mines
& quarries etc.

A critical part of these rigs is the dust & particle extraction system which removes the rock cuttings from the hole and enables the efficient operation of the drill. The components of the extraction system are connected by large abrasion resistant hosing which United Flexible supplies to numerous drill operators around NZ. We stock a range of hoses purpose built for this application, and with quality and service life which is second to none. Talk to us for details on this range.

Large industrial hose with yellow buoys extending into the sea from a sandy beach, used for maritime operations, set against a tranquil blue water backdrop with a boat visible in the distance.

Dredging & Slurry

When creating, expanding, or cleaning out sediment buildup from bodies of water such as large ponds, underwater channels, ports, river mouths etc, dredge pumps and cutter suction dredges are often the go-to solution especially where it is out of reach of other methods.

The material dislodged by the dredge is sucked up and the slurry is usually pumped to the shore via special purpose slurry hoses. The requirements for slurry hoses vary depending on the equipment used and the application, and United Flexible works with our clients to determine the application specific requirements to ensure the hoses supplied are fit-for-purpose and will provide a long service life.