Close-up of a skilled worker welding metal parts in an industrial setting, with sparks flying around as he concentrates on his task, wearing protective gear including a helmet and gloves.


Industrial hose and fittings is what United Flexible is all about - and we mean it.

We cater for a number of specific industries in NZ to supply superior flexible hose solutions. We are a Kiwi owned and Kiwi operated company doing what we do best - supporting New Zealand's industries.

Why NZ's industries trust United Flexible's hoses

United Flexible is the trusted partner for supply of flexible hoses to a variety of industries throughout New Zealand.

Our customers trust us to supply hoses, fittings, and pre-made hose assemblies which are especially designed and specified for the application and environment they are going into. We only source our hoses from globally renowned manufacturers, so our customers have peace of mind in the confidence that flexible hoses from United Flexible are synonymous with quality.

Also our technical team are experts at hearing your needs, and specifying a quality solution (or multiple options) for the job at hand, and we pride ourselves on ensuring that we provide our industrial clients with hose options suited for the rigours of industrial environments.

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