Fittings, Clamps & Accessories

United Flexible stocks a range of fittings & accessories, including Camlocks in a variety of materials, Bauer couplings, Claw couplers, along with an array of Valves, Nozzles, Clamps, and Clips.

Fittings Categories

Camlock Couplings

Our hose fittings range includes an extensive collection of Camlock couplings which are available in Aluminium, Polypropylene, and 316 Stainless Steel.

We stock an aluminium range from 1/2'' up to 8'', polypropylene from 1/2'' to 4'' and stainless steel from 1/2'' to 6''.

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Bauer Couplings

The highly versatile Bauer style coupling is extensively used throughout industry in NZ, and is the most common coupling used on large suction and layflat hose assemblies.

United Flexible stocks Bauer hose tail fittings from 3'' to 8'' and the Male BSP threaded couplers also from 3'' to 8''.

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Claw Couplings

Claw Couplers are designed specifically to provide secure and robust connections in heavy-duty mobile industrial air systems and associated pneumatic equipment such as on building sites, infrastructure projects, and land development sites.

Our range of claw couplings includes Surelock, Type A (European), and Type B (USA) variants.

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Hose Tails and Hose Joiners

Our range of steel hose tails & hose joiners are galvanised or zinc plated steel, offering an economical and effective solution while also having protection against the environment they are installed in.

United Flexible stocks both steel hose tails and steel hose joiners from 1/2'' up to 8'' sizes.

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Hose Clips and Hose Clamps

United Flexible stocks a range of different types of hose clips and hose clamps to suit different types of hoses, applications - and the preferences of our customers.

Browse our range which includes Oetiker clips, worm drive hose clips, T-Bolt hose clamps (3 different ranges) spiral wire hose clamps, and preformed clamps.

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Valves, Nozzles, & Strainers

Check out our range of valves, nozzles and strainers.

Currently stocking several different  types of nozzles, steel suction strainers, and nickel plated brass ball valves. More products are being added in this space soon.

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