White Wash Down Hose

White Wash Down Hose - United Flexible

White 'blue stripe' general purpose PVC washdown hose.


  • High quality hose internally reinforced by a polyester thread mesh in order to withstand substantial working pressures and provide it with a resistance to breakage from stretching
  • Non-toxic and suitable for washdown use in food areas
  • Minimal risk of constriction yet very flexible and easy to use: no twist and no kink
  • Resistant to atmospheric agents and various chemical products
  • Recommended temperature for use: -10ºC to 60ºC


  • Gardening, horticulture and floriculture
  • Farming and dairy washdown
  • Washdown of machinery, boats etc

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

SKU Ø I.D. (mm) Ø O.D. (mm) WORK PRESSURE (bar) BURSTING PRESSURE (bar) Quantity (m)
PWW019 19 26 10 30
PWW025 25 33 10 30
PWW032 32 39 10 30
PWW038 38 46 10 30

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Product Main Features

Agricultural use

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High quality control

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High pressure

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Anti fold

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Anti algae

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Food related use

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Ca/Pb/Ba Free

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Maritime use

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