Spray Hose - 40 bar

Spray Hose 40 bar - United Flexible

High pressure spray hose designed for agricultural & general spraying use.


  • Non-toxic and heavy metal-free
  • Very flexible and easy to use
  • Hose reinforced with an interior polyester thread mesh providing high resistance to breakage when stretched out and minimal risk of constriction
  • Resistant to atmospheric agents and various chemical products (see list)
  • Withstands absorption of oil and fuel
  • Recommended temperature for use: -10ºC to 60ºC.


  • Pressurised spraying of insecticides and pesticides for agricultural purposes
  • Carrying pressurised liquids.

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

SKU Ø I.D. (mm) Ø O.D. (mm) WORK PRESSURE (bar) BURSTING PRESSURE (bar) Quantity (m)
AG008E 8 15 40 120
AG010E 10 16 40 120
AG013E 13 21 40 120
AG019E 19 27 40 120
AG025E 25 35 40 120

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