United Flexible is committed to supporting productivity in New Zealand’s agricultural sector with fit-for-purpose industrial grade flexible hose & fittings solutions.

Not only is farming a huge part of New Zealand’s DNA, but it is also the backbone of our economy, and our farmers are some of the best in the world.

United Flexible is here to support productivity & system reliability in the rural sector, by advising on the right flexible hose products for a wide variety of applications, including the following:

  • Irrigation
  • Umbilical dairy effluent systems
  • Sludge & slurry transfer
  • High volume water transfer
  • Pond filling
  • Spraying
  • Dairy shed and machinery washdown
  • Milk transfer
  • Seed & grain transfer
  • Fuel & Adblue transfer

Why use United Flexible for agricultural hose solutions?

At United Flexible, our management and many of our staff have a strong connection with the rural sector, due to past experience both working on the land and also in other supporting services such as farm machinery, pumping, and electrical industries.

Our team have a broad understanding of farming requirements which can only be gained by experience on the ground, and we apply this experience when our clients need advice on hoses and fittings which will be suitable for their specific application.

There is a huge amount to know across a wide range of areas to be able to operate a successful farm, and specialist advice is often needed to get best practice solutions within a specific area of the operation.

United Flexible are your agricultural hose & fittings experts, and we play our part in supporting NZ agriculture by ensuring that our clients in the industry get the right advice and hose products which are suited to the application & provide a long service life. When our clients talk to us about their application, it gives us the opportunity to advise on the various options there are available, and ensure that our clients can make informed decisions on the best option for hoses and associated fittings to suit their application, and their budget.

To get hose solutions fast, get in touch with our team here.