Industrial Hoses For Farms and Agribusiness

Industrial Hoses For Farms and Agribusiness

United Flexible are the trusted commercial hose and fittings provider for New Zealand farming and agribusinesses. Browse our range and learn more about how we can help your operation flow.

Supporting The Daily Functions Of Kiwi Agribusiness

United Flexible is dedicated to supporting New Zealand's agribusinesses, farmers and growers. Our industrial hose and fittings are used in every conceivable application from irrigation to drainage to milk transfer.

Below you can browse our most popular faming and agribusiness hose products and learn more about what we do in the industry every day.

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What our hoses are commonly used for:


New Zealand growers and grazing stock farms require an even, measured and consistent level of water flow to ensure that livestock and produce stays healthy. Our spray and suction hoses are commonly used to connect irrigation systems that span hundreds of hectares to water supply.

We also assist with the design and spec out of your irrigation system, providing useful advice on the width, connections and installation.


A dairy farm relies upon milking equipment to be 100% perfect to yield the best possible product for sale. When the hoses are not of a high quality or fixed properly, leaks, splits or disconnections under high pressure will cause costly spills.

We supply and customise hoses for dairy farmers that use only the best in quality hose material and fittings. Our customers can depend on our hoses to transfer milk into storage or transport without worry.


The dispersal of fertiliser products or redistribution of livestock effluent is relied upon by farms to keep soil healthy. These fertiliser systems installed through a long distance need reliable hoses.

Our hoses are designed to distribute all sorts of materials including effluent material and virtually any type of treated liquid.